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Resource Program                             

St. Catherine Labouré Resource Program is designed to serve students with educational and/or medical diagnoses who are enrolled in regular classrooms, but who require special education instruction in specific subject or skill areas. The special educator serves as a liaison with the students’ regular classroom teachers, parents, and if necessary, Special School District Personnel.

The resource teachers are certified in the area of special education. They assist the school staff in understanding educational diagnoses, in developing educational programs, and in implementing behavior management systems. Specific goals and objectives are determined through a cooperative effort among resource teachers, regular classroom teachers, parents, and sometimes the Special Non-Public Access Programs (SNAP).


Enrichment Program

The Academic Challenge Team (ACT) is an outgrowth of our Resource program which seeks to serve "exceptional learners"- those students who benefit from educational accommodations not easily accessed in the regular classroom--by providing learning opportunities that maximize learning potential.