Board of Education Minutes

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Board of Education                  

The purpose of the board is to advise the pastor in making policy for the parish education programs. These programs include the school and the parish school of religion. Duties include the following:

1. Develops, with the help of the administrator and staff, a mission and philosophy statement.

2. Advises the pastor in making policy for the parish education programs.

3. Approves the final budget for parish education programs that will be submitted to the pastor and finance committee and determines and identifies the needed funding for these programs.

4. Assists in the development of the long-range strategic plan.

5. Assists in the formal and informal marketing efforts related to the educational programs.

6. Advises the pastor on the hiring of a new principal or director of religious education.

Members serve three-year terms. The pastor, principal, and the DRE, are non-voting members. The voting members elect the president, vice-president, and secretary annually.
Regularly scheduled meetings provide the opportunity for parents to share information with the board during the Open Forum segment.

Board of Education - 2014-2015
Father Jim Cormack
Mrs. Laurie Jost, Principal
Mr. Chris Masterson, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Peggy Brinkmann, Director of Religious Education
Mr. Jim Marnatti, President
Mrs. Dee DiMagio
Mrs. Mary Hagedorn
Mr. Kevin Walsh
Mr. Matt Mayer
Mrs. Melissa Daus
Mrs. Jamie Minnegrode
Mrs. Kristin Koenig
Mr. Stephen Webb